CA LA ROSA is a project that pursues a cultural benefit and the recognition of artists so that they can develop their craft. To start it all up we need enthusiasm, dedication and also funding.

To begin the necessary funding of this non-profit project we will carry out a crowdfunding or sponsorship project.

With the sponsorship we want to achieve two objectives at the same time:

  • To get the collaboration of individuals interested in art and in our project and to involve them in the whole process.


  • Raise funds to be able to kick off the project and to plan the final phase with greater guarantees for our potential sponsors or collaborators.

We believe that the campaign has the potential to reach many people, which will guarantee a good initial diffusion of the project.


The main reward for the participants/members will be the CA LA ROSA 2022 collection, t-shirts designed by creators who will collaborate in the project. The theme of the t-shirts will be directly related to our project and its philosophy.

Libro de otro (“Another’s book”). We will edit this fantastic artist’s book by Isidro Ferrer, with 43 illustrations printed in silkscreen in 2 flat inks. It will be a limited edition, numbered and signed by the author himself.


CA LA ROSA 2022 Collection

Libro de otro