The art center consists of spaces and resources for artistic practice and reflection. Artistic residencies, specialized courses, monographic workshops, exhibitions, collaborations and much more.

The old inn of Verges is a building designed and built to be a place to pause and rest. Its structure is regular and clear. Common spaces predominate and occupy the centrality in the geometry of each floor.

Its rehabilitation maintains the same structure because it also responds to how we understand a space for artistic practice.

In the first construction phase, it is planned to redo the roof and reinforce the floor structures, as well as to prepare the utilities for the installation of kitchens and bathrooms.

A second phase of renovation will also be necessary to prepare the residency studios, workshops and laboratory, as well as to provide the workspaces with sufficient infrastructure for the proper development of the projects.


On the first floor we have four bedrooms, three of which can be shared. The kitchen and dining room for the residents are on this level with the library-study and a central living room. The two studios on the second floor are larger, have independent services and share a large terrace.

We will soon launch a crowdfunding project to be able to finish the installation of the restrooms and the kitchen for residents. We aim to offer the first residences in the spring-summer of 2024.


The digital lab will occupy one of the rooms of the old dining room of the inn. It is to be equipped as a scenic, agile and flexible space to host experiments with technology of an installative and/or performative nature.

The location of this space next to the main lobby of the building can also facilitate the presentation of the creative processes to a small audience if the resident artists desire so.


The printmaking workshop has the fundamental resources for silkscreen printing and we want to expand it to other printmaking techniques.

The common workshop space will be expanded with work space for the artists in residence or for the monographic courses that will be offered.