The Inn of Verges is rehabilitated to host the CA LA ROSA Art Center. A space for creation, experimentation and artistic divulgation in two main areas:

    • Graphic edition: silkscreen printing and engraving.
    • Digital installation and technologies

The center will have spaces for co-creation and research in residence. Respecting the original structure of the building, the rooms are being converted into studios to host individual or collective artistic projects and processes.

The main focus of CA LA ROSA is contemporary artistic practice. We understand as contemporary the artistic expression that takes an analytical and critical look at its environment from a certain degree of disconnection, following the words of Giorgio Agamben.

We understand artistic practice as a mediation tool to safeguard the social and political value of culture.



The purposes and concerns that summarize Ca La Rosa’s philosophy are:

  • Art as imagination, reflection and dialogue.
  • To revindicate the value of the surroundings and the territory as a stimulus for artistic creation.
  • To respond to the artists’ need to find spaces for reflection, research and artistic practice.
  • And to contribute to the development of an analytical, critical, fair and supportive society through art.

CA LA ROSA will be a space where all phases of the creation process can be developed: conception, experimentation, elaboration and public exhibition.

The facilities and its infrastructure will give a certain emphasis to the artistic techniques of printmaking, as well as the applied digital technologies. Nonetheless, the multipurpose qualities of the center’s design and its program of activities will not be limited to this area. The interdisciplinary nature of the arts is typical of our times.



In order of relevance, the activities that will be hosted by the Art Center are the following:


The residencies are open to artists who want to carry out their project in relation to graphic edition and installation. The first calls for selection will be opened starting in the spring of 2024.

The artists in residence will have at their disposal work and experimentation spaces, as well as accommodation, in the Art Center. We also want to offer some sponsored residencies.


CA LA ROSA is not a school but a gathering place to deepen in specific knowledge of graphic edition and applied digital technologies.

The monographic courses will be offered in small groups, with specialized professionals and with an intensive schedule.

These trainings will be coordinated by the CA LA ROSA team and external experts. Initially, priority will be given to monographic training in the areas of graphic art and digital performative arts.



CA LA ROSA must be rooted in the region with a program of activities for the schools of Verges. The main focus will be on creativity in the artistic practice as a tool for the development of sensitivity and individual and collective freedom.

The programs will be adapted to the ages and specificities of the groups of students. The courses can be done either at CA LA ROSA or in the educational centers themselves. This initiative wants to be developed in coordination with the City Council of Verges and the schools.



Medium-term project that needs financial and institutional support. After hosting for some time residencies and projects of digital artists, we want to organize an exhibition and a festival with this theme.

The idea is that CA LA ROSA would be the main exhibition space, but we also want it to be displayed in public spaces in Verges and its surroundings.


The conferences and round tables will focus on the reflective and analytical character that artistic practice also has. We want to organize this type of events with other centers and institutions of the region with whom we can align our themes and interests.